Drake "Rake" Gardener Junior is the castle gardener. He is very skilled with plants, and tends the gardens with great care and enthusiasm.

Appearance Edit

Rake is a young boy with choppy brown hair and hazel eyes. He is very skinny, and is always seen wearing his gardening clothes, as well as a satchel he wears consisting of plants he'd previously grown.

Personality Edit

Rake is a very soft-spoken character, and at times is skittish in the face of adversity, but typically pulls though when his friends need him. He is typically very sweet and good-natured, and at times can become quite silly; especially when around his friends. Gardening is his passion, and he is shown at multiple points during the series to care deeply about his work as the castle gardener.

Trivia Edit

  • Rake's real first name is Drake; his nickname likely arising due to his work as the castle gardener.
  • Rake has a very evident crush on Pepper; the castle cook.