Jane Turnkey is the daughter of the king's chamberlain and the queen's lady-in-waiting. She was brought up to be a lady-in-waiting herself, to the Princess Lavinia, but Jane always wanted to be a knight. At the age of ten, the crown prince was kidnapped by Dragon; in order to prove herself to the court, who scoffed at the idea of a girl knight, Jane went to rescue him. Upon him, Jane discovered that Dragon is kind and does not want to hurt the prince. The two become best friends, and when they return with the prince to the castle, the king makes Jane a knight and dragon swears his allegiance to him.

Jane is a very bright young girl with a great deal of courage, honor, and boldness. Her greatest dream is to become the best knight in all in the kingdom. She has also made a promise to Dragon to one day go on a quest to help him decipher the runes written on his cave's walls. She is very close friends with all the castle staff that his her age. Her best friends are Dragon and Jester, while her playground enemy is the other knight-in-training, Gunther.

Jane has the appearance of a young to middle aged teenager. She has frizzy red hair and green eyes.